new new work

New long term video series shot by myself titled
Basically documenting London life via analog processes,
then placing them on digital platforms. 
Follow the mission here.


PONY X FOOT PATROL (shoe and launch)


T shirts for my friends this summer.
Check out the wonderful Tawny rocking hers.
IMG_3060 tumblr_mo59flcgQz1qgixpro1_1280


Been working my magic on PONY Europe and PONY USA via the Orange Dot for a looong time now. Before the team embarked on the project,
PONY had not been present in Europe or America for over 10 years.
So you can only imagine the scale of the mountain we was about to climb.
Thus far things have been going smoothly.
Work has includes:
Implementing and enforcing guidelines, brand positioning, marketing, strategy, pr, online and offline content production and much much more.
Check out some of the work below.